Ken Schwaber and Gunther Verheyen Create a Collaborative Partnership

Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum, and Gunther Verheyen have signed a collaborative partnership deal. The collaboration will be implemented within and covers the creative evolution of the Professional Scrum programs of Over the past 3 years Ken Schwaber and Gunther Verheyen have established a firm working relationship. They created and shared many ideas … Continue reading

Scrum and Continuous Improvement

Organizations usually don’t adopt Scrum because they like its name. Instead, they have heard that software development is better if they use Scrum – quicker, cheaper, higher quality, more satisfied customers and employees. Sometimes things are so bad in software development that they try Scrum just because it wasn’t what they were doing before. However, … Continue reading

I Have a Question

I have a question!! “I have a team that won’t self-organize.” “ My team always selects more PBIs than they can do. The members say that the software is too complex and corrupt to finish anything.” “My Product Owner isn’t engaged.” What do I do?? In my Scrum classes, I ground everyone in the theory … Continue reading

Waste Not

Waste impedes agility. It not only slows progress, but it robs money that could otherwise go to creating value. I was considering waste in light of the notions of velocity and capacity. Some Scrum users try to predict the outcome of the upcoming Sprint using velocity, the amount of work or PBIs they predict can … Continue reading

Scrum But Replaced by Scrum And

Five years ago, the term, “Scrum-But” became popular. This phrase pointed out the gap between just using Scrum-and building great products with Scrum. I would ask someone if they were using Scrum. They would respond, “We use Scrum, but we can’t always complete all the regression testing within a Sprint, so we often have regression … Continue reading