Looking Back On More Than 2,500 Scrum Open Assessment Results

I have just looked at some of the aggregate results from the Scrum Open assessment. Interesting. We put this assessment in a crucible last fall, subjecting it to nearly 1,000 trials in a rigorous period of inspection and adaptation. The support that the community provided during this time was fantastic. We have tried to recognize the efforts of some of those involved by posting names of people who scored more than 75% here. This was the average score at the time, and the average score for the final version is the same ballpark.

Since last October we have had a single, final version of the assessment up. This final version of the assessment has been taken more than 2,500 times — sometimes by the same person multiple times, but not usually. We have shared some of the aggregate results of the assessment here. We think it is good to provide this data so that people can understand their own results in context. We are trying to be as transparent as we can while preserving the effectiveness of the assessment.

You can take The Scrum Open assessment yourself by clicking here.  It is great practice for people who aspire to take the Professional Scrum Master I assessment to get certified. It is also a good way to benchmark your understanding of Scrum before and after you take a Scrum In Depth class or any other sort of training.

For more information about the Scrum Open assessment, click here.  Here also is a blog post containing my perspectives on assessment in general, and here is an overview of how we approach assessment at Scrum.org.

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