Happy Holidays

Jeff Sutherland and I were thinking about what we could give to the Scrum community this holiday season. It occurred to us that a recurring question posed to us is, “How do I sell Scrum to management?” To help everyone with this issue, Jeff Sutherland and I have written a book, “Software in Thirty Days.”  that will be published by Wiley Publishing in April, 2012.  If you want to tell your management about Scrum, put it on their desk.

From the foreword:

This book is for leaders within organizations that depend on software for their survival and competitiveness. It is for leaders within organizations that can benefit from developing software rapidly, incrementally, and with the best return on investment possible. It is for leaders who face business and technological complexity that has made the delivery of software difficult. We have written this book so that these leaders can help their organizations achieve these goals, enhance their internal capabilities, improve their product offerings, and more.

This book is for CEOs, executives, and senior managers who need their organizations to deliver better software in less time, with lower cost, with greater predictability, and with lower risk. For this audience, we have a message: You may have had negative experiences with software development in the past, but the industry has turned a corner. The software profession has radically improved its methods and its results. The uncertainty, risk, and waste to which you are accustomed are no longer par for the course. We have worked with many software organizations that have already turned the corner; we want to help you do so, too.

In this book, we show you how to create business value using a process that delivers complete pieces of software functionality at least every thirty days. This book will show you how you can prioritize the functionality you want and have it delivered á la carte. It will show you how to gain transparency not only into business value, by tracking functionality delivered against functionality desired, but also into the health of the software development process and your organization as a whole. The tools in this book will help you work with your software organization to get up to speed with modern practices and begin to deliver the results you’ve been expecting all along.

 This is software in 30 days.

Happy Holidays,

Ken and Jeff

December 25, 2011

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Many congratulations!!! Will be waiting for the release.
    Question for Ken & Jeff: Are there any plans towards offering discounts/promo on PSM II? It will be of much help.


  2. Hi Ken

    I look forward to reading this book! The question of how to sell Scrum to the decision makers in an organisation has vexed me over the years. I did find one whitepaper that seemed quite useful but it was a bit lengthy and perhaps exceeded the execs available attention span 🙂

    In the meantime, in an attempt to make “Why Scrum” a quick read, I produced a quick article on it. If you have a moment to cast an eye over it, I know I’d appreciate any feedback you had.

    The article is at: http://www.webgateinternational.com/2012/05/top-10-reasons-to-use-scrum-instead-of-waterfall/

    Snappy title eh?



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