New Book: Software in Thirty Days

Software In Thirty Days (or less)

Jeff Sutherland and I have done it. We wrote a book together, our first joint writing since the initial publication of Scrum in 1995. What prompted us? The question that we frequently are asked:

How do we sell Scrum to our management?

I’ve always been puzzled by this question. Why would you have to sell more predictability, productivity, quality, value, risk control, satisfied customers, engaged employees, and less waste to anyone in management? However, I talked with Jeff and we figured that where there was smoke, there must be fire.

We spent the last half of 2011 writing the book. Any manager, from top to bottom, can easily pick up and read this book. They can quickly understand why they have been plagued by software problems. They can then rapidly move from understanding to solution. Software in Thirty Days is a quick read. The result will be an engaged manager, wherever the potential exists.

In the book, we let managers know that there is no reason why they cannot get pieces of functionality in thirty days or less. There is no reason why these pieces cannot add up, one after the other, into something much more valuable than they are used to. We share with them that managers worldwide are experiencing this. We tell them to ask their development and product organization for the same, now.

Software in Thirty Days is not a book about Scrum. It is a book about how to gain agility and business advantage using new approaches to product development, of which Jeff and my specialty is Scrum.

I hope you find the book useful, and I hope that you stop asking me how to sell Scrum to your managers,


5 thoughts on “New Book: Software in Thirty Days

  1. This sounds like a really great book! I have just pre-ordered it, even though I am not the target audience (the blog post says it is for managers, I am a developer).

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