I am returning from the Agile Alliance conference. I thought I would share the answer to several questions that I was asked in my session:

1. What is “Agile”
Any software activity that conforms or attempts to conform to the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto for Software Development.

2. If you could add another value to the Agile Manifesto, could you state it?

We value practices, tools, consulting, coaching, and software organizational work that continuously improve their adherence to the Agile Manifesto
Tools, products, methodologies, processes, practices that only use the word Agile to market themselves to make money and whose correlation to the Agile Manifesto is coincidental.

28 thoughts on “Agile

  1. Ken,

    Re: <>

    The UK’s APM is working the UK to widen the definition to include innovation projects that do to hardware and peopleware (organisational change).

    Our committee is preparing a guide to ‘Agile Governance’ at Board Level/CxO level – we welcome comments in GoogleDocs here:

    Committee Member
    Governance SIG
    Association for Project Management

  2. Hi Ken, I have been asked the question more than once: granted we replace “working software” with “working product/service”, do you see any reason why Agile values wouldn’t apply to other business areas outside of software development?

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  5. “coincidental” or “disingenous”? Often the latter methinks. BTW as a a COO I try to encourage an agile approach in all areas of the organisation, not just software development. Eg a stronger focus on outcomes than process and artefacts. It has served me well in areas as diverse as product development, marketing, and environmental protection (thanks to people like you Ken).

  6. Hi Ken

    Last year you referred to Agile2013 as “our conference”. In this post you refer to Agile2014 as the “Agile Alliance” conference, almost as though it represents the work of a third party.

    Given that the SAFe boys were back in town this year too, is it now your feeling that the agile community has been effectively disfranchised from this event? Or am I reading too much into your choice of words?

    • I’m introducing metrics of outputs so we can see what the impact of SAFe is or isn’t. I do find it amazing that organizations believe that agility can be a template that they purchase and paste on.

  7. Why does we need another value in the Agile Manifesto? If you try to be compliance with the Agile Manifesto, it’s hard enough. A few weeks ago, I tried to explain to a manager that we can’t do Scrum without interaction with the Business Area. His answer always was: “There is a process, with documentation steps.”

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