Programmers – I need your help

Programmers … I need your help!

I founded to help developers use Scrum, doing iterative, incremental development.

The site needs to be redesigned, on top of new technologies. Then we have more work building measurement tools, data repositories and management, SDKs, and tools to help Scrum Teams do better.

I need 2-3 full stack web and open source developers to work in, around, and with our office in the Boston area.

Join me and do something that you will be proud of and you will be able to tell you peers and grandchildren about, with pride.

Send me an email at

8 thoughts on “Programmers – I need your help

  1. I wish I was at Boston. An opportunity like this is a dream come true. Nonetheless, I will also spread the word around. If anything could be done remotely, will be eager to be of any help.

  2. Wouldn’t it be more interesting/helpful to try to do this with remote developers? It’s a very common problem that Agile practitioners have to deal with. Maybe if you do it, you can feed back some insights on how it’s done!

    • @Bill – which other proven software development methodology that you have used that has increased your chances of success. The future has arrived, but you are behind the curve.

  3. About time for a respin of the website?

    Your words, Ken: “Instead of putting in the hard work of figuring out how agile would work and devising a continuous improvement plan to get there, organizations are sold agile as an implementable template, one size fit all.”

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