Scrum Development Kit

On Tuesday, Jeff Sutherland and I will be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Scrum’s first public appearance. Those twenty years were my warm up for the next twenty, when I will focus on improving our professionalism. Specifically, I will be done when all Scrum teams deliver “done”, potentially shippable, in operations and usable, increments of … Continue reading

Quality, Done Increment

Every Sprint in Scaled Professional Scrum requires a completed, ready to ship increment of functionality. The ubiquitous “definition of done” spells out the characteristics of such an increment. The end result should include software that has: Presence of valuable functionality for customers to use; Absence of low value functionality that must be maintained and sustained regardless; … Continue reading

At TechEd Presenting On Professional Scrum Developer .NET

I’m at Microsoft TechEd in New Orleans. I came to present about the .NET version of’s Professional Scrum Developer program at a breakout session. I’ll be co-presenting with Richard Hundhausen of Accentient, the program’s .NET partner. I also came to meet with the Microsoft Visual Studio and ALM marketing and product groups. They are … Continue reading