Waterfall, Lean/Kanban, and Scrum

There are four identified problem spaces: Simple, Complicated, Complex, and Chaotic. The identification of the problem space arises from the characteristics of the problem domain. In software development, these are the technology, the requirements, and the people doing the work. If these characteristics, or dimensions, of the problem space are simple and well-known, the problem … Continue reading

Decay And Determination

I return to Boston today from New Orleans, a city that simultaneously displays decay and determination. I got to watch the decay of Scrum at Tech Ed. I saw the emergence of methodologists and the culture of command and control management. Of course, all this was tempered and covered by advanced phrases like Lean, Kanban, … Continue reading

At TechEd Presenting On Professional Scrum Developer .NET

I’m at Microsoft TechEd in New Orleans. I came to present about the .NET version of Scrum.org’s Professional Scrum Developer program at a breakout session. I’ll be co-presenting with Richard Hundhausen of Accentient, the program’s .NET partner. I also came to meet with the Microsoft Visual Studio and ALM marketing and product groups. They are … Continue reading