Muck the Duck

These are the jokes I told in my Scrum Master classes.

Brick-Laying Duck

New buildings were going up all over town. The best were made from brick. And, as you would expect, bars were always nearby to salve the pains of the working folk

In one of the bars, one of the brick layers always came in after work. Worn out, hot, aches. As we all know, a few shots of good whiskey solve his problems and helped him get on the way home.

This brick layer was a duck. Muck, the duck.

Muck was moaning how hard his life was to the bartender. The bartender had already been amazed that Muck could get up on the stool and engage in lively conversation in assorted languages with the other patrons.

The bartender said, “Muck, with your skills, you would be a hit at a circus, or even on Broadway.”

Muck reflects, and replies, “I didn’t know that people would pay to see a brick-laying duck.”

Is this a Scrum joke??

3 thoughts on “Muck the Duck

  1. Nice metaphorical story @Ken. We can see how organizations are blind to enabling people and their talent. Wasted opportunities of human talent, the story of the 8th Lean Waste – human potential.

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