Scale Scrum Projects Better – August 25-26 Irvine CA

Workshop information

  • Free – for desperate people without budget (but not for consultants) who are willing to provide work in kind during  the workshop.
  • $300 – for people figuring out how to scale their project or in the middle of a scaled project that is overwhelmed with dependencies and “done” is unknown – but have very limited budget or want to bring the entire dev and project management leadership team.
  • $1,050 – same as above but you have some money and aren’t attending as a team.

Do you want to scale your Scrum projects more effectively, using an industry standard approach?

Reduce dependencies and churn and regularly produce integrated, usable software increments. Nexus is a exoskeleton process that extends Scrum so multiple teams can scale their work.

I’ve been refining Scaled Professional Scrum and its Nexus framework for years. Developers and project managers who are responsible for making scaled Scrum development work learn how in a workshop setting. The workshop was introduced in January and has been taught many times to nearly a thousand people.

This is your turn. The next Nexus workshop is in Southern California (Irvine) from August 25-26. Richard Hundhausen of ALM and Scrum fame will be conducting it. Richard was one of my co-developers, so learn from the horse’s mouth.

As Irvine is in an area of drought, unlimited water is provided at no charge to all attendees.

As the author, I can offer some vastly reduced rates (only those who are desperate want to sit in a workshop immediately before Labor Day)

Scrum on,


READ the NexusGuide_V1.0, companion to the Scrum Guide.

2 thoughts on “Scale Scrum Projects Better – August 25-26 Irvine CA

  1. Just wanted to leave a comment for what may be the guy who set off the scrum nightmare that has made programming, which I used to love, a complete nightmare of a job. Thanks jack@$$!

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