Practitioner Certification

The PSM, PSPO, and PSD I assessments have proven extremely useful. The role-based assessment helps people validate their knowledge of Scrum. A resulting certification demonstrates that knowledge to others, including potential employers. Scrum teams that bring these people on board are assured that the person knows their role.

We are introducing the next level assessment. Many of our customers have asked us for a method to validate that a person not only knows Scrum, but they know how to develop software in a Scrum team. They know (presumably from experience) how to handle the ins and outs and complexities of software development in a Scrum iterative, incremental, empirical, bottom-up intelligence environment.

To address this need, we are introducing intermediate level assessments, a Practitioner level assessment. These assessments are role independent, applying to anyone who uses Scrum to develop software.

There will be two intermediate level assessments, one for Scrum projects and the other for scaled Scrum projects.

I will have more about this within the next month.


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