I was thinking …

I was thinking about New Year Resolutions. I thought about resolving to be a more friendly, warm, compassionate, conciliatory, moderate, and compromising person.  My thinking was prompted by a recent email, that informed me:

 “After all these years, of hearing people talking about you, I defended you.  I tried to appease them … maybe as they said you were egotistical, ungrateful, tyrannical, closed-minded, anti-social, destructive and selfish, maybe they had a reason to say all of this.”

 The more I thought about this, the more I realized that my characteristics that are so obnoxious to so many people are the traits that have helped Scrum succeed (along with all of your efforts). If I were conciliatory and all those other things, Scrum might have become EssUpScrum, ScrumFall, Murcs, Scrum-Z, ScrumBan and all the other watered down adaptations that have been been suggested and pushed.

 So I decided that I will follow my New Year’s resolution for today only. This is your chance. After this, I will keep pursuing my mission of improving the software profession in character, the only way that I really know how.

 Thanks in advance for putting up with me during 2012.


Ken Schwaber

15 thoughts on “I was thinking …

  1. And in the email they left out “funny” … very, very funny! Lets hope that this year is filled with more such laughter!

    All the best for 2012.

  2. Appeasing man above pushing forward for something great would only limit your ability to make forward movement.
    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

  3. “Nobody can walk through life without stepping on some toes.”

    Looks like you are walking. Continue walking and continue listening to feedback provided to you. The fact that you consider even harsh criticism makes you the prototype of Scrum: Inspection and adaptation wherever you go. Scrum on!

  4. But Scrum is already morphing into all these things: ScrumBan, ScrumFall, etc… (I have published several articles on the subject) The fact of the matter is that Scrum is merely a framework to get things done, and should be altered for optimal performance. At least that’s what I think…

  5. In my grouch mode. You add best practices to develop software within the Scrum framework. If you change the Scrum framework you just simply aren’t using Scrum and are probably canceling some of its most important benefits.
    Develop software with Scrum. Methodologists need not apply.

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  7. Ken, how will you pass on the torch of illumination. 33 years from now generation of software developers emerge. Who will write and remind them they are using EssUpScrum, ScrumFall, Murcs, Scrum-Z, ScrumBan?

  8. Scrum was introduced when companies branch out delivery center to my country. The first Scrum fan group was formed in 2010. Scrum is viewed more as project management tool. Dissatisfied, I continued my research and learning. The other day I had the chance to read Jeff Sutherland’s blog on high performance. Lucky me, he replied my enquiries on behavior of such a team. After few years, I see why you setup Scrum.org, consistent course syllabus and why you say the things you say.

  9. Hmm, this Post might be ironic, but after having met you you *are* friendly, warm, compassionate, conciliatory, and moderate. Compromising – perhaps not so much. But you are really a nice person.

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